Adventures in Spain

While in Spain, Katie and I…
Danced till 6am
Didnt wake up before 10am
Walked all day
Got sunburned at the beach (ok that was just me)
Ate fresh fruit everyday three times a day
Walked through every street market we saw
Saw the magic fountain show, done to classic disney songs
Saw all the Gaudi buildings (just the outside, too expensive and too many people to go in)
Met locals and ate tapas, drank Sangria, and went salsa dancing with them.
Tried to go to free museums but they either closed early or had long waits
Ate paella
Saw the Olympic stadium
Met people from New York, Chicago, Sweden, England, Romania, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Italy, and more.
Ate a lot of pastries
Ordered things we didn’t know what they were and ate them
Drank expensive and delicious iced cappuccino

And we aren’t even done yet!







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