On Going ‘Home’

Last Thursday I made the decision to fly back home. Well not really home, I met my parents in Minnesota to continue on with their road trip/ vacation. It was not an easy decision, or a cheap decision, but I was no longer excited about traveling alone in Europe and going hiking in Glacier Park sounded better. Most of you know what happened, and why I was suddenly alone in Europe (that was not the plan). struggled with whether this made me a failure, that I couldn’t suck it up and have a chance of a lifetime trip. But I came to the conclusion that it was not that I could not do it. I was entirely capable of spending 3 weeks traipsing around the British Isles and possibly elsewhere. But I was not enjoying myself anymore.
Katie and I had a fantastic time in Spain, we wondered streets until we got lost, slept in too often, and ate too many sweets. I realized it was not just those things I experienced, but I experienced them with Katie. Now we have inside jokes, and memories that will last forever, and that is why I enjoyed my time there so much.
There are times in life where we have to be alone. Often starting a new career or going off to College is done by yourself. You have to build your own life and make friends. Those are times I am looking forward to, and I know I will grow by the challenges that will bring.
But for now, empowered by the realization that I am an ‘adult’ and can make my own decisions, coming home was the right decision for me. Many of you already know, but I was accepted into the Peace Corps, and if all my paperwork goes through I will be leaving next spring. For now I will cherish the time I get to spend with family and friends, and put off my individual adventure for the spring.


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