Wish List

So you want to send me a package, there are a few things you should know first:

  • It’s expensive
  • If you keep it under 4 lbs and in a soft mailer its cheaper
  • It’s also cheaper if you send things in “flat rate” boxes
  • It will take about a month (maybe longer, maybe never) for me to receive something
  • I have to pay to pick up packages, so make it worth my precious volunteer “salary” 😉

As of August 1st, here is what i would really enjoy from home…

  • Starbucks VIA
  • tea! (get creative, i love all tea, and i drink it basically every day, sometimes twice a day, in site)
  • DARK nailpolish (hides the dirt, makes me feel pretty, the women in my family LOVE when i share!)

If you’re feeling generous (my birthday is coming up!!)-

  • Laura Mercier Makeup I did not bring much and i wear it more than i would think)- oil free tinted moisturizer (color nude), matte translucent shine control powder, and/or whatever you think would make me look pretty 😀
  • Patagonia underwear and camisoles, size small I wear these basically every day, and handwashing/sundrying is really taking its toll!

What I really want, is something that YOU think I need. Its fun to get things and I love surprises!

The longer I spend in my village the more this will change, and I would love to use this forum to support my village in some way (sending things like toothbrushes, etc.) So as I start to understand the needs of my village and what my role there will be, I will keep you updated!

Thank you so much for supporting me from home. The peace and confidence I have knowing how many are back in America, praying for me and wanting to help in any way is an unmatched blessing here in the developing world.


One thought on “Wish List

  1. Sara, I’ve been thinking about your birthday that’s coming up. can we somehow give your folks money to put in your account to pay for the cost of you picking up the packages?

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