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I miss Mame Diarra

I’ve been plagued with dreams since returning to the U.S. Most of them stressful and painful, remnants of the constant changes I’ve been making in every part of my life. But last week I had a different kind of dream. I woke up feeling energized and excited rather than anxious and desperate. I was sitting … Continue reading


When it Rains

When it rains time stops. We don’t fight it. It comes so fast that you find yourself running for the nearest building, hiding inside, listening as the wind gets stronger and the raindrops get heavier. When it rains it’s cold. Bone chillingly, fingers stop moving, couldn’t sleep if you wanted to, cold. The kind of … Continue reading


View from my Hut

It is where I spend most days. Lazily napping, reading, sometimes even working. I’ve recently been called a “nellowkat” (cause I sleep like it’s my job), And my family thinks I must be under great stress. But the truth is I love my little room. My little piece of the world: sand and cement, baked … Continue reading